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⦁ What are the services does E2W STUDY OVERSEAS PVT LTD offers?
We are the one stop solution for students who are seeking for their higher education abroad. We take care of the entire process of admission till you reach the destination. Preliminary Counseling, Country Selection, Course selection, University selection, Statement of purpose – samples, Letter of recommendation – samples, Admission / Application documents guidance, Visa assistance, Mock visa interview, Education loans, Pre-Departure Briefing , Travel arrangements, Foreign exchange, SIM card, Insurance and Accommodation guidance.

⦁ Does E2W STUDY offer free counselling sessions for students?
Yes, our expert counselors will provide free counselling sessions for all students. You can reach us directly to our office or over the phone ( India – +91 9444093222 ; UK- +44 7438840922 )  Even you can email us ( admission@e2wstudy.com ) or register on our website with your contact information to get a call back.

⦁ What countries can E2W STUDY  will help me to study abroad for Bachelors and Masters – Engineering / Management ?
We are authorized representatives of more than 375+ universities across the globe like UK , Canada, Greece , Ukraine, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Newzealand, Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland, etc..

⦁ How much does it cost to study overseas for masters?
Average tuition fees for studying masters abroad will be around Rs.6 to 20 lacs. However, this depends on the University & country you are finalizing.

⦁ Can I study and work when I go abroad?
Most of the countries allow students to work part time for 20 hours while studying. Usually in some countries students take care of their living expenses by doing part time jobs.

⦁ Does E2W STUDY help with Education loans for study abroad?
Yes, we are working with leading providers like HDFC credila, ICICI .

⦁ Can I go for a masters course without IELTS and which country is possible ?
Yes you can. Some of the countries which have options without IELTS are UK, Sweden, Greece, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc..

⦁ Can I go for an MBA without work experience?
Yes, we have options for a Graduate MBA.

⦁ Is there any processing fee or service charge for E2W STUDY ?
There is no processing fee or service charge for some of the countries . Students can apply via E2W STUDY to get full support from admission to till reaching the destination.

⦁ Currently what are all the countries which have post study visa and settlement options after studies?
i. UK – 2 years post study visa,
ii. Canada – 8 months to 3 years depends on qualification,
iii. Australia – 18 months to 4 years depends on qualification,
iv. Germany – 18 months post study visa,
v. Sweden – 10 months post study visa,
vi. France – 2 years post study visa,
vii. Netherlands – 1 year post study visa,
viii. Newzealand – 12 months to 3 years depends on qualification,
ix. USA – OPT upto 3 years for STEM.

⦁ What countries does E2W STUDY provide admission in MBBS abroad?
We provide MBBS admission in Ukraine, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan .

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